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Weather Station

Davis, California: 38 32 07 N, 121 46 30 W, Elevation 60 ft
Sensor Russell RanchCampbell Tract
Time Stamp2017-10-20 02:15:00 PST2017-10-20 02:15:00 PST
Air Temperature at 2m12.01 °C (53.6 °F)12.13 °C (53.8 °F)
Air Temperature at 10m12.85 °C (55.1 °F)12.63 °C (54.7 °F)
Relative Humidity71.16 % (71.16)71.17 % (71.17)
Barometer29.89 inHg (1012.2 mb)29.91 inHg (1012.9 mb)
Wind Direction222.7 ° (SW)228.3 ° (SW)
Wind Mean Speed at .5m0 m/s (0 mph)1.564 m/s (3.5 mph)
Wind Mean Speed at 10m2.067 m/s (4.63 mph)4.098 m/s (9.18 mph)
Wind Max Speed at .5m0 m/s (0 mph)2.394 m/s (5.36 mph)
Wind Max Speed at 10m3.27 m/s (7.32 mph)5.62 m/s (12.59 mph)
Rainfall since 8AM PST3.556 mm (0.14 in)4.064 mm (0.16 in)
Rainfall in last 5 minutes0 mm (0 in)0 mm (0 in)
Soil Temperature at 10cm19.75 °C (67.6 °F)19.1 °C (66.4 °F)
Soil Temperature at 20cm20.15 °C (68.3 °F)19.74 °C (67.5 °F)
Soil Temperature at 50cm20.49 °C (68.9 °F)20.71 °C (69.3 °F)
Soil Temperature at 1m21.67 °C (71 °F)N/A
Soil Temperature at 2m22.71 °C (72.9 °F)N/A
Soil Temperature at 5m20.34 °C (68.6 °F)N/A
Dew Point6.972 °C (44.5 °F)6.967 °C (44.5 °F)
Evaporation Pan Water Temperature-55.73 °C (-68.3 °F)13.95 °C (57.1 °F)
Evaporation Pan Depth-3.167 in (-8.04 cm)3.873 in (9.84 cm)

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Climate Station

Monthly Climate Summary Reports

UCD/NOAA Monthly Climate Summaries are available via email by subscribing to climate-summary@ucdavis.edu.

Daily weather observations are now available. Call (530)752-8933 for a recorded message, updated between 7:00 & 9:00 AM PST (precip, air temp, wind, sky, time of obs).

Davis Climate Data Sources

University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project

California Weather Databases
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CIMIS and NOAA Daily Weather Data
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USDA UVB Radiation Monitoring Program

UVB Climate Network
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National Atmospheric Deposition Program

NADP/NTN Deposition Monitoring
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United States Historical Climatology Network (U.S. HCN)

U.S. Historical Climatology Network
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Requesting UCD Climate Data

UCD Climate Data is available upon request from the UCD Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources.

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To request data by telephone call (530)752-1929.

To request data by mail send a detailed description of your request to:

UCD/NOAA Climate Station
Land, Air, and Water Resources
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