Atmospheric Aggies

The Atmospheric Aggies Student AMS chapter at UC Davis is a storm of passionate students who want to make waves in atmospheric science and related fields. This low-pressure environment converges a collection of rising freshmen to seasoned seniors aiming to uplift this weather inspired community. Beyond just weathering the basics of meteorology, this AMS chapter hosts social events, study halls, speaker events, and participates in community engagement activities. Additionally the club offers a mentorship program tailored to helping students rise through the atmospheric science program. We create a friendly, supportive and well-mixed atmosphere to strengthen community and involvement within atmospheric science and related disciplines.

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Atmospheric Aggies Events

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                  President                                                                            Vice President                                                                   Secretary
                  Lindsay Nash, lanash at ucdavis dot edu                             Camille Hammond, cehammond at ucdavis dot edu           Sam Mindel, samindel at ucdavis dot edu