Prospective Students

We offer both a major and a minor in Atmospheric Science.

  • UC Davis offers one of three atmospheric science programs in California that meets the national accreditation standards set by the National Weather Service.
  • Our program is also a small one, meaning we have a high faculty to student ratio. In our program, you will benefit from individual attention from our faculty while receiving all of the perks of being at a large, top-ranked public university.
  • As an undergraduate major, you will begin your studies by developing a strong foundation in mathematics and the natural sciences. At the upper-division level, you will take a series of courses in weather observation, dynamics, radiation, thermodynamics, instruments, analysis and forecasting as the groundwork for the courses in specialized weather and science topics that follow. Here is a full list of degree requirements.
  • Check for information about admissions and online applications.
  • Interested in atmospheric science, but perhaps a full degree is not for you? Atmospheric science or climate science is offered as a degree track in the Environmental Science and Policy, Marine and Coastal Science, and Applied Physics majors!

General Education

Just looking for a single course to take about weather or climate change that will fulfill some of your GE requirements? None of the following courses (except ATM 60) have any prerequisites!

Check out these three lower-division atmospheric science courses:

  • ATM 5: Global Climate Change: Our Changing Atmosphere (QL, SE, SL, VL)
  • ATM 10: Severe and Unusual Weather (QL, SL, VL)
  • ATM 60: Introduction to Atmospheric Science (QL, SE, VL)

Or, for a more in-depth course on climate change, check out:

  • ATM 116: Climate Change (QL, SE, SL, VL)

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