Commercial Weather Providers

Weather Underground

Other California Universities

Naval Postgraduate School
San Jose State University
San Francisco State University
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Other American Universities

Colorado State University
Florida State University
Lyndon State College
North Carolina State
Northern Illinois University
Ohio State University
Oregon State University
Penn State University
Plymouth State
Purdue University
South Dakota
SUNY - Albany
Texas A&M
University of Arizona
University of Colorado
University of Hawaii
University of Illinois
University of Maryland
University of Michigan
University of NC - Asheville
University of Miami
University of Missouri
University of Oklahoma
University of Oregon
University of Utah
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin
University of Wyoming

Foreign Universities and Institutions

Australian National University
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Cambridge University, England
CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research, Australia
McGill University, Canada
Monash University, Australia

University of British Columbia, Canada
University of Cologne, Germany
University of Dundee, England
University of Reading, England
University of Toronto, Canada
Victoria University, New Zealand

California NWS Offices

NWS, Eureka
NWS, Hanford
NWS, Los Angeles/Oxnard
NWS, Sacramento
NWS, San Diego
NWS, San Francisco/Monterey

Other California Links of Interest

Sacramento Air Quality Management District Ozone Maps
Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey
CA Department of Water Resources
CALTRANS Current Road Conditions
CA Data Exchange Center
CA Cooperative Snow Surveys
CA Air Resources Board

National Research Labs

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, GFDL
Forecast Systems Laboratory, FSL
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, PMEL
LLNL Atmospheric Research
NASA Langley Research Page (Atmospheric Research)
All Environmental Research Laboratories, ERL

Government/Institution Servers

British Atmospheric Data Centre
Desert Research Institute, Reno NV
Environment Canada, Atlantic Region
Global Change Master Directory
Global Change Research Information Office
Mars Global Circulation Modeling Group
National Center for Atmospheric Research
National Center for Supercomputing Applications (Storm Group)
NOAA - Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
NOAA - National Data Buoy Center
NOAA - National Climatic Data Center
NOAA - National Geophysical Data Center
NOAA - National Hurricane Center
NOAA - NOAA Homepage
NOAA Weather Page
National Severe Storms Laboratory
National Weather Service
NWS, National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center
NWS, Western Regional Center
NWS, Southern Regional Center
TERRA: The EOS Flagship

Climate Servers

Climate Diagnostics Center
Climate Prediction Center
High Plains Climate Center
Northeast Regional Climate Center
Midwestern Climate Center
Oklahoma Climatological Center : Includes Oklahoma Mesonet
Scripps Climate Research Division
Southeast Regional Climate Center
Southern Regional Climate Center
Western Regional Climate Center

Groups, Pointers

American Meteorological Society
American Geophysical Union
World Meteorological Organization

Other Servers

Alden Electronics
Roger Brugge's Home Page -- International Weather Links
KCRA-3 Weather, Sacramento, CA
KXTV-10 Weather, Sacramento, CA
KOVR-13 Weather, Sacramento, CA
Gempak 5.2 Help
Gempak Online Documentation, Unidata
NCAR graphics Home Page, NCAR
Stormtrack Magazine Online
WSI Corporation
Impact of Ozone Hole on South America (Chilean site)
Career Information: A Guide to Meteorology Resources