Atmospheric Science Careers

Atmospheric science is about understanding how human and natural systems influence weather, climate, and air quality; and gain a predictive understanding of the atmosphere that can guide the public and private sector to make well-informed decisions about Earth's most important natural resource--the air we breathe.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a thorough discussion of how atmospheric scientists are tackling problems at all levels.  Median pay is typically higher than other environmental fields, and job prospects in this field are growing faster than average

As of June 2019, atmospheric science had the lowest unemployment rate of all fields surveyed by USA Today

Atmospheric science students at UC Davis have participated in internships with the California Air Resources Board, various county Air Pollution Control Districts, and the National Weather Service. Job opportunities include: national weather services, weather forecasting for broadcast media or private forecasting firms, environmental consulting firms (such as environmental impact reports, wind farm siting), government agencies at all levels from local (air quality districts, planning departments, etc. ) to State (Air Resources Board) to national (NOAA), and companies whose operations are impacted by weather (such as airlines, futures markets). About half of our graduates continue their education by seeking the M.S. or Ph.D. degree in atmospheric science or related areas. 


Other atmospheric science job titles include air pollution specialist, air quality scientist, alternative energy consultant, atmospheric science researcher, climate change analyst, educator, environmental impact assessor, environmental monitoring, environmental scientist, and meteorologist.

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