Graduate Program

The UC Davis Graduate Group Concept

Many research questions go beyond the traditional academic department. At UC Davis, graduate groups are interdisciplinary groups that include faculty from various departments and Colleges, giving students broad flexibility in areas of research from across campus.

The Atmospheric Science Graduate Group (ASGG)

The Atmospheric Science Graduate Group consists of more than 20 faculty members (and their graduate students) who hold appointments in many departments and units, including Land, Air & Water Resources (LAWR), Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Environmental Toxicology, Mathematics, Marine and Coastal Science, and the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory. We have research specialties in 

Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality Biometeorology and Micrometeorology Mesoscale and Boundary Layer Meteorology Large-scale and Climate Dynamics
Computational Geosciences Cloud Dynamics and Physics Extreme Weather Climate Change Impacts

LAWR is the primary home of ASGG and also the home of graduate groups in Soils & Biogeochemistry and Hydrologic Sciences. The home department of a graduate group provides various forms of administrative support, such as business operations, staff advising, and office space. The departments affiliated with the individual ASGG faculty members may also provide some forms of support, including laboratory and office space, when appropriate and requested by the individual ASGG faculty members on behalf of their students.

Graduate Group Structure

The chair of the graduate group is responsible for overseeing the operation of the group; the graduate group advisers guide your academic planning and committee selection; the graduate group admissions officer oversees the admissions application process. Support staff, including the Student Affairs Officer and departmental business office personnel, and personnel in Graduate Studies, serves as sources of information regarding procedures, records, petitions and applications, campus resources, funding, and fellowships and awards.

ASGG Chair: Cort Anastasio

ASGG Advisors: Erwan Monier, Ian Faloona, Terry Nathan

ASGG Admissions Officer: Matt Igel